Wednesday, June 29, 2011


As I stated in my previous entry, Aunt Leane had come to town with her darling boyfriend, Steve. Instead of camping out in our living room this time around, she opted for a hotel - A hotel with a pool. I can't say I wasn't excited she chose this route, not that I don't LOVE having her at our house, because believe me, I do! But my goodness! An actual pool?! On one of the hottest weekends we've had so far! Count me in!

The light that cased through their hotel room windows while we were getting ready was absolutely beautiful. It was the best source of natural light I have come in contact with in quite awhile so I decided while everyone was getting ready to hit the pool, Ripsi would have a teensy weensy modeling session in one of her many Baby Gap suits.

I positioned myself between her & the large patio doors, leaving the sheer curtains pulled shut to cast a soft glow. I am completely in love with how each image turned out. So, I thought I would share them with you while I sort & edit the 100's of pool pictures that were taken!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Aunt Leane came to town this weekend, so we treated ourselves with a simple brunch out. Normally we don't get the opportunity to go to a sit down restaurant with the family, especially since Baby Sister has been born. So, everyone was a little giddy about going to IHOP, especially Daycen who claims this location to be his favorite place to eat!

I can't blame him though, their breakfast platters are absolutely delicious!

This time, was Daycen's first attempt at eating some of their famous pancakes. His was topped with strawberries & whipped cream. When the plate was set down in front of him, he squealed with joy, grabbed his fork & dived it directly into the top of the delicious mountain. The reaction he had was pure enjoyment!

This was Baby Sister's first time at IHOP, even though she wasn't able to taste any of the treats, she sure did enjoy the large windows we were placed by. She always loved the company she was with! Everyone paid her a lot of attention & permanently kept a large smile across her face.

By the way! Check out that little pimple on Ripsi's chin! She is growing into such a big lady already!

Monday, June 27, 2011


Every year our downtown area puts on a wine tasting, snack sampling, art gazing exhibitour! You get a map of all the local venues participating with the names of the artists being featured at those places. It's only about four blocks long, so it's perfect for a stroll with a couple friends. This year, the weather was beautiful, the wine was splendid (yet, broke my heart that my favorite selection the previous years was not on this years menu.), & the snacks were...



I'm sure glad that the event was so successful, & that we had a fabulous time. I'm just bummed to hear that instead of twice a year, they have decided to limit this event to once a year. However, once is much more than most cities get, so I am lucky!

Those of you who missed the event this year, rest assure, there is always next year! ♥ I'll be there, ready to mingle.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Both of my kids have been unluckily graced with a small condition called cradle cap. When Daycen had it at six months, one trip to the bathroom with some EVOO & he was shining like new! Baby sister on the other hand, she hasn't been so lucky. Actually, it had gotten so bad at a point that she itched the side of her face quite badly to sooth the area. She has undergone countless baths with EVOO, & store bought "cradle cap cure". She has had ointments & lotions prescribed for her skin around the hairline to keep her from itching.

As the days go, it gets better... but it doesn't go away.

I was told by my co-worker to try unrefined coconut oil. Her son had a really bad case too, & it cured it up right away. We haven't quite gotten to the point of trying this method yet. (even though, the jar waits anxiously.) It seems like the oil is a thick paste & I'm not entirely sure how to go about spreading it across her beautiful locks.

I'm just hoping it works. Summer is here, & she shouldn't have to go around town to all the festivals with little scales clumped in her hair. No wonder she has large crowd anxiety! I'd be embarrassed too! If the coconut oil doesn't work, does anyone else have a method to try that worked for you? We'd love any input, & Ripsi would be extremely grateful!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Everyone, meet Jilly. She is Ripsi's best friend.

They don't get to spend a lot of time together, but when they do - they have a great time! I hope that as summer progresses me & her mother find some time to get the two little ones together. It's nice for Ripsi to be able to interact with someone around the same age as her. I'm glad that they can be apart of each other's lives.

And as the girls play .... so does the boy -

As you can see, between the dirt, spit up & drooling there is a lot of laundry going on around here! I can see my son blossoming into a boy - which is a thrilling concept. He used to be a clean freak & now, as he approaches three, he has taken exploring to a WHOLE new level! But, Oh! It's great to have a boy!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This past Friday our little town held their Summer Kick off to begin all the community functions that will be going on now through the fall. The event had been moved from it's normal location at the 400 Block & was gathered at Oak Island due to allowing the newly renovated 400 block's sod to set. I was slightly disappointed about the move, wanting to experience the hard work our town did to spice up our downtown, however was quite thrilled with the space for the outdoor movie. Normally everyone was crammed in front of the large screen, where as - at this location everyone was happily spaced apart.

Space, which was really good for us. As I realized baby sister has a bit of social anxiety in large crowds. She'd pan the crowd in front of us, whimper & than let out a shrill. It didn't matter if I was holding her, letting her sit in the grass (which by the way! She is doing ON HER OWN) or in her carseat. She was not having it.

So, we backed up. WAY back. At this point, she was happy. Nobody was around us, and she could sit in the grass & enjoy Despicable Me. I am now dreading all the activities we normally go to all summer long. I've never had this issue with Daycen, he always LOVED the crowds. Any suggestions on how to sooth a anxiety ridden baby at a social event? We need all the help we can get!

Monday, June 20, 2011


(I just thought I would inform everyone that we are lacking updates due to a kitchen/dining room makeover & the process of Ripsi getting some teeth. So, please bare with us, hopefully things will calm down within the next couple days. Most of the posts will be lots of photographs, not very much dialogue. I apologize, but enjoy the view!)

Our yard is the home to what seems like thousands of little tiny dandelions. They are clustered in various spots throughout the yard, looking sort of like the markings on a cow. Daycen has taken a liking to picking them, smelling them, & responding with a "Ahhh" Than, tossing the flower to the ground & heading to the next one.


As Daycen made his way around the yard, I plucked a single dandelion & brought it over to where Ripsi was lounging in the shade. I figured, what a perfect opportunity to let her explore. However, the second she had that little yellow flower, Daycen let out a squeal.

The next thing I know...

Not like there wasn't a thousand others in the yard.

I took the flower back from Daycen, tried to explain that he needed to share with baby sister. He sort of cocked his head to the side, looked at me like I was a crazy woman & headed back across the grass to a different patch of dandelions to continue his plucking adventure. I have a feeling, this whole sharing concept is going to be coming up a whole lot in the next couple of months... or years.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It seems that each & every morning that we decided to get up early to go outside & play when the majority of our yard is shaded, it rains. Today, is yet again, another one of those lovely not so beautiful days. We were already up though - so cuddling back into bed was out of the question! So, we found other things to occupy our attention... one of those, the new Jumperoo!

As shocking as it is to see them playing side by side, a wave of anticipation washed over me. Someday, hopefully soon, they will get along. They will spend time with each other, laugh & play together, become friends. I remember when I was pregnant, I imagined them being as close as me & my brother are. I was excited to see them blossom & grow together... but the day she was born, was nothing like I imagined. He ignored her, pretended she didn't exist.

So, this advance, makes my heart go pitter-patter.

Oh! Perhaps they still will be the best of friends!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Aripsemae just finished up one of her boutique modeling assignments, this time she modeled two very beautiful heandbands from Bumble and Bumble Boutique! We came to know this boutique through Carmen's Auction, where I had graciously won one of the headbands. When the package arrived, Ripsi was thrilled to see an addition headband that she was to model.

There is a ton of boutique's out there with shabby & rolled flowers. I will be honest with you how impressed we were with the quality & price of each of these items. No flaws, not glue marks, very well put together & obviously shows this boutique considers time & quality in each of their products. Will we be shopping with them again, of course! We actually have one in mind for a possible headband to Aripsemae's birthday outfit (yes, yes, we are starting the planning for a November event already.)

Here is a little taste of Bumble & Bumble boutique!

Brown ruffled flower, $9

Audrey, $10

Please check out the other beautiful items at Bumble and Bumble Boutique! Let them know Ripsi sent you!

Monday, June 13, 2011


This year, my father went all out with his attempt to grow fresh produce. He watched a few HGTV programs on gardening, searched a little bit on the internet, & jumped in head first into his first real garden. Don't get me wrong, the itsy bitsy peppers that came off his "bucket" plants last year were delicious, but I surely wouldn't have called it a garden.

The boards are up, the soil is prepared, & all the seeds have been planted. We weren't exactly sure what we wanted or needed, so in the small space there is a little bit of everything - literally. Tomatoes, carrots, peas, squash, onions, radishes, green beans, broccoli, etc. Anything we would ever need - that's if, it all decides to grow! I'm thinking that perhaps if it all works out for my father this year, we might follow in his steps next year. I see a nice corner of our yard that just might love to be the home of some delicious treats.

The best part of the garden is the fabulous soil used. All the soil was taken from a wonderful place called, First Avenue. I promise you, that place will always be apart of our lives, no matter what.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

MAY 2011 {project 365}

May, you were absolutely beautiful. We spent most of our days enjoying the backyard, basking in the sunlight, & dreaming of what the future has to bring. The entire month was rather uneventful, however, in a perfectly relaxed way. You know, the rapture was predicted to happen this month; I'll be honest with you, we are glad it didn't. Now, if you would have been March that may have been a different story. May, you were a great beginning to an even better summer.

Here is a few of our memorable May posts;
5. SUN, SAND, & FUN {it's almost like we are at the beach}

larger version of our 365 photographs

May thank you for the fabulous memories, June bring on the heat!

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Thursday, June 9, 2011


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Thank you in advance for sharing the love. ♥


Currently our kitchen & dining area is getting prepared for renovations, so we have taken our meal time to a smaller area in the house. By smaller, I mean, LITTLE! We've been gathering at the toddler sized table in the children's play area. My knees bump the edge consistently, & my back aches from bending down at such an angle. Thank goodness I am short though! My husband would probably have to sit on the floor with his long legs!

For some reason, Daycen seems to be eating a WHOLE lot better at this smaller table than he does at the kitchen table. I'm not sure if it's the whole height thing or if it just has to do with the fact that he feels more comfortable in his area. You know, it could be because a little Chihuahua isn't begging him for a taste of lunch as well.

Either way, he's eating good! This takes a bit of stress of stress off of me & allows me to focus on other things. Like finally making this house, a HOME We bought this place seven months ago & we have yet to really make it ours. I'm thrilled for the next couple weeks as we get elbow deep in creativity!

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