Tuesday, November 22, 2011


In celebration of my husbands birthday, he treated us to a fancy outing as a family to Perkins Restaurant. Since both kids like to be in highchairs (yes, my three year old throws a fit because his sister is in a seat & he wants one too.) they normally seat us at a table. Andy & Daycen on one side with Me & Ripsi on the other. Well, this time was quite different, the lady decided to give us a booth... with both kids sitting on the end of the table, literally elbow to elbow with each other.

Things started out rather nice... almost relaxing. You know, when you stop for a second & go, "Wait! This isn't right!" Just as that thought crosses your mind, your daughter reaches out & yanks your sons menu off the table - causing his orange juice to crash to the ground.

SPLOSH! A moment of silence.

His face turns red, & tears well up in his eyes. He begins the most heart wrenching cry. Next to him, his social crying sister begins to wail.


Until a new cup of orange juice arrives. Yet, he still chose to sit next to her until she began to grab things off his plate.

After the move, she set her sights on her father's food - that girl sure can EAT!

Overall, I think it was a fantastic family meal, & birthday celebration. Nobody was injured during the orange juice fiasco & we weren't politely asked to leave. Yet, I still have a feeling my husband won't be treating us to a fancy sit down meal anytime soon - take out here we come!