Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Possibly the greatest thing about Daycen's surgery was that we got to spend hours upon hours with him. No work to attend. No appointments to be at. Just spending good quality time with the little guy. The first few hours after - into the middle of the next day consisted of lots of cuddles, lots of kisses, as well as grogginess with lots of naps. By Thursday afternoon, we had our normal 19 month old toddler who's got more energy that he even knows what to do with back!

Days like this make me wish that I was lucky enough to be one of those stay at home mothers. I would love to spend quality time with Daycen like this each & every day - instead we just get mornings. Oh how I love mornings now that it's the main portion of the day spent laughing. I also love Gap. I love the impact we make on the world, the idea of not just being a store is an amazing concept.

That's why I do what I love




Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We've had computer issues the past few days, sorry for our absence. Our lovely technician (my amazing brother) had to turn our system upside down to get it working again.

Daycen's minor out patient surgery went differently than expected, but overall it went smoothly. It seems little Daycen didn't have an inguinal hernia like they suspected. It seems there was just a weak muscle that was pushing everything forward to make the swelling. He awoke from general anesthesia pretty IRRATE. He was punching & kicking at everything, & everyone.

I loved how cute his gown was, but I hated the concept of it. I hated seeing him all hooked up to stuff. I seriously hated it. It's over now. I'm grateful for a happy, healthy boy.

Thank you to all our friends and family who prayed for us and checked in on us during our short stay at the hospital. We are so grateful.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We are all packed & ready to go for tomorrow.

Daycen has to go in for a minor outpatient surgery tomorrow morning. Since we aren't much of a morning family, I decided to get everything prepped early so we can sleep that extra fifteen minutes. I've been torn between the idea of letting his lovey come along or not. I've heard both sides of the story - either he'll come out hugging that lovey more, or he'll associate it with the discomfort.

They are best friends. How could I keep them apart?
I just don't want to ruin their friendship

We look like we are prepared, honestly, deep down in our hearts we aren't ready for tomorrow at all.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Hello out there, gloomy snowy day!

The forecast has predicted that our little town be overcast in snow for the next couple of days. We've been dreaming of warmer weather lately - the idea of flip flops & rolled up cargo pants has stolen our hearts. Yet, for some reason, we stare out the window in anticipation for the snow to cover our streets. What a blissful backdrop while watching the Winter Olympic Hockey teams these next few days.

The idea of putting on warm leggings, snuggling under the blankets with a hot cup of cider has gotten us smitten with the idea of being snowed in. Just think! All this snow is the perfect excuse to relax!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I hope everyone had a swell Valentine's Day & got to spend some much needed time with those that they love. Weather it was your significant other, your children, or great friends & family. Lucky for me, I got to spend it with both my parents, my husband, son, & good friend, Kait. It seems to have become our annual tradition to make homemade heart-shaped pizza on this day (maybe because we find it cheaper to do this than grab one from Papa Murphy's. Honestly though, it probably evens out in the long run.)

Each year, the pizza's seem to be looking more & more like hearts. Than again, each year I learn new tips on making homemade pizza - like rolling it on the counter first before putting it on the pan, using loads & loads for flour to keep from extreme stickage, as well as adding a little elbow grease and creativity.

That, & I had more help this year...

Today was also the first time Daycen has tried pizza. We slowly introduced him to all the ingredients - than let him dive right in! Oh, man, was he in heaven. He could have "MMMMMM"ed for hours.

I know, he doesn't look thrilled here, but I have several witnesses that he loved it.

Once our tummies were full - we relaxed with some Minnesota Wild Hockey. What a perfect end to such a sweet day.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


In celebration of Valentine's Day tomorrow, we thought we'd share the love.

I've never made pancakes before. In fact it never even crossed my mind to make them until Hungry Jack light & fluffy pancake mix was on sale at the grocery store. Simple right? The instructions on the side of the box made it seem like even a five-year-old could accomplish this task. Oh boy was I WRONG. I had the counters splashed with gooey pancake mix, I couldn't make a circle for the life of me, & after using cookie cutters to shape them they still turned out like little blobs.

I never claimed I could cook but I never thought I was terrible at it. I think perhaps it was the pressure that got to me. I mean, how could you cook with these eyes burning into the back of your head?

Satisfaction. That's all I could really ask for. Than again, he's never tasted anyone elses pancakes.

Friday, February 12, 2010


As a mother, we anticipate the new things our child will learn each & everyday. Like the first time sitting up, to crawling, walking, even to the simplest things like understanding the concept of a cup. In our case, a little red cup.

After months and months of examining people closely while drinking from cups. Daycen finally took the plunge to try this task on his own. He gripped the little red cup, pulled it close to his mouth, and tipped back. Allowing the left over droplets that were still in it to linger into his mouth. My little boy is growing up right before my eyes - something I couldn't be more proud of.

I figure maybe a few more test drives with an empty cup & perhabs we can say goodbye to the sippy cups, or hello to a unexpected shower.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I'm not going to lie, I've been blogging for years. Since 2005, I've been over at live journal which is a pretty private sanctuary for me. Just a few close people were allowed a first row seat to the delights in my life - which was a big change since prior to that journal I ran a personal web blog. I find myself struggling for the words, that they just aren't being heard anymore. So, I've returned to a public blog. I can't promise you how long I will stay, but for now, all I can hope is you stick around to breath in the moments of my life. Enjoy the little things.

I'm not big on introductions, but I guess for the sake of anyone who stumbles upon my new home one maybe in order. I'm a twenty-four year old mother of a darling 19-month old boy. He's a handful, almost as much of one as my husband. I'm still pretty new into the whole wife & mother role, so the struggles are often but once overcome I am completely humbled.

I just hope we can make your days brighter, despite what the weather is outside. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to follow, we love making new friends & enjoy hearing from everyone.