Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The Spring Festival has come! My goodness was it chilly & windy the entire time we were there! I had a feeling that the weather was going to try & put a damper on our festivities like it does every year. However, it held off until later in the evening when we were all snuggled up inside.

Once we got there, we headed inside the townhouse & the coloring fest began! Both Daycen & his cousin Naomi scribbled their spring themed pictures like crazy!

After awhile of sitting inside the kids refused to color. All they wanted to do was go outside & be with the animals! I'm not such a fan of standing in the cold, but I would do anything to make my kids happy. So, there I was, bundled in my peacoat, snapping pictures of them interacting. Most of the smaller petting zoo animals were locked up in their cages under warming lights, so they were just a "watch & look" sort of experience.

Which is exactly where Daycen stood most of the time, in front of the little ducklings.

Even though the wind was brisk, laughter filled us & kept us warm. The cloudy atmosphere gave a nice cast to our photographs. I would have loved to stay out there all day and snap away like crazy if I wasn't afraid of the little ones catching a cold. (Who wants one of those in Spring anyways? I sure wouldn't!)

Since Ripsi was so little, I decided I would try to let her in on the action. I moved her closer to the animal pen & the little goat stepped forward. They stared at each other. Suddenly his head poked out from between the rails & he attempted to snatch the butterfly rattle as was playing with. However, she was just far enough away he couldn't reach it. Oh, but did he try! I was afraid he was going to get his head stuck!

Despite the cold, we had a FANTASTIC time at the festival. We cannot wait for the Fourth of July festivities that will be going on at Willow Springs Garden. Hope that everyone else can make it out for that one! There wasn't very many people that showed for the Spring one because of the weather.

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