Monday, June 20, 2011


(I just thought I would inform everyone that we are lacking updates due to a kitchen/dining room makeover & the process of Ripsi getting some teeth. So, please bare with us, hopefully things will calm down within the next couple days. Most of the posts will be lots of photographs, not very much dialogue. I apologize, but enjoy the view!)

Our yard is the home to what seems like thousands of little tiny dandelions. They are clustered in various spots throughout the yard, looking sort of like the markings on a cow. Daycen has taken a liking to picking them, smelling them, & responding with a "Ahhh" Than, tossing the flower to the ground & heading to the next one.


As Daycen made his way around the yard, I plucked a single dandelion & brought it over to where Ripsi was lounging in the shade. I figured, what a perfect opportunity to let her explore. However, the second she had that little yellow flower, Daycen let out a squeal.

The next thing I know...

Not like there wasn't a thousand others in the yard.

I took the flower back from Daycen, tried to explain that he needed to share with baby sister. He sort of cocked his head to the side, looked at me like I was a crazy woman & headed back across the grass to a different patch of dandelions to continue his plucking adventure. I have a feeling, this whole sharing concept is going to be coming up a whole lot in the next couple of months... or years.

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