Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Aripsemae just finished up one of her boutique modeling assignments, this time she modeled two very beautiful heandbands from Bumble and Bumble Boutique! We came to know this boutique through Carmen's Auction, where I had graciously won one of the headbands. When the package arrived, Ripsi was thrilled to see an addition headband that she was to model.

There is a ton of boutique's out there with shabby & rolled flowers. I will be honest with you how impressed we were with the quality & price of each of these items. No flaws, not glue marks, very well put together & obviously shows this boutique considers time & quality in each of their products. Will we be shopping with them again, of course! We actually have one in mind for a possible headband to Aripsemae's birthday outfit (yes, yes, we are starting the planning for a November event already.)

Here is a little taste of Bumble & Bumble boutique!

Brown ruffled flower, $9

Audrey, $10

Please check out the other beautiful items at Bumble and Bumble Boutique! Let them know Ripsi sent you!

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