Monday, June 27, 2011


Every year our downtown area puts on a wine tasting, snack sampling, art gazing exhibitour! You get a map of all the local venues participating with the names of the artists being featured at those places. It's only about four blocks long, so it's perfect for a stroll with a couple friends. This year, the weather was beautiful, the wine was splendid (yet, broke my heart that my favorite selection the previous years was not on this years menu.), & the snacks were...



I'm sure glad that the event was so successful, & that we had a fabulous time. I'm just bummed to hear that instead of twice a year, they have decided to limit this event to once a year. However, once is much more than most cities get, so I am lucky!

Those of you who missed the event this year, rest assure, there is always next year! ♥ I'll be there, ready to mingle.

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