Thursday, June 9, 2011


The blog listing we are at currently reset itself. So, we have a chance to shine! Please, if you love coming to this blog & reading about the fabulous lives of me & my darling children. Give us a vote. All you need to do is click the banner below, click once on on the left owl, & ta da! You've given us a little love!

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Why vote? Here's why I'd appreciate it; I don't care about rank, I care about sharing my story, my life, the simple things that most people take for granted. I just want to tell my story, & have it reach somebodies ears. The more ears, the better. ♥ The closer to the first page we get, the better chance we get of someone clicking on over & enjoying a few minutes at our blog, hopefully leaving with a smile & a bookmark.

Thank you in advance for sharing the love. ♥

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Brittney said...

Precious Pic of your little one!