Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Aunt Leane came to town this weekend, so we treated ourselves with a simple brunch out. Normally we don't get the opportunity to go to a sit down restaurant with the family, especially since Baby Sister has been born. So, everyone was a little giddy about going to IHOP, especially Daycen who claims this location to be his favorite place to eat!

I can't blame him though, their breakfast platters are absolutely delicious!

This time, was Daycen's first attempt at eating some of their famous pancakes. His was topped with strawberries & whipped cream. When the plate was set down in front of him, he squealed with joy, grabbed his fork & dived it directly into the top of the delicious mountain. The reaction he had was pure enjoyment!

This was Baby Sister's first time at IHOP, even though she wasn't able to taste any of the treats, she sure did enjoy the large windows we were placed by. She always loved the company she was with! Everyone paid her a lot of attention & permanently kept a large smile across her face.

By the way! Check out that little pimple on Ripsi's chin! She is growing into such a big lady already!

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