Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This past Friday our little town held their Summer Kick off to begin all the community functions that will be going on now through the fall. The event had been moved from it's normal location at the 400 Block & was gathered at Oak Island due to allowing the newly renovated 400 block's sod to set. I was slightly disappointed about the move, wanting to experience the hard work our town did to spice up our downtown, however was quite thrilled with the space for the outdoor movie. Normally everyone was crammed in front of the large screen, where as - at this location everyone was happily spaced apart.

Space, which was really good for us. As I realized baby sister has a bit of social anxiety in large crowds. She'd pan the crowd in front of us, whimper & than let out a shrill. It didn't matter if I was holding her, letting her sit in the grass (which by the way! She is doing ON HER OWN) or in her carseat. She was not having it.

So, we backed up. WAY back. At this point, she was happy. Nobody was around us, and she could sit in the grass & enjoy Despicable Me. I am now dreading all the activities we normally go to all summer long. I've never had this issue with Daycen, he always LOVED the crowds. Any suggestions on how to sooth a anxiety ridden baby at a social event? We need all the help we can get!

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