Monday, September 26, 2011


Rain. Rain. & More rain. The forecast predicts that our weather is going to be gloomy at least through Wednesday. I'm okay with warming up to a large pot of pumpkin coffee with my teething daughter snuggling on my lap watching a few Disney movies - Daycen however; he is a bit harder to please.

So, it brighten up this weather for him, we introduce something we like to call, bringing summer back. Despite the 40 degree weather, we grabbed a 99 cent frosty from Wendy's, cranked the heat up just a little to be comfortable in a t-shirt, & turned on Summertime with Max & Ruby.

The pout that had formed on his face when he was told he couldn't play outside faded away quickly. Within minutes he was grinning from ear to ear, devouring that small bowl of ice cream.

This left me & Ripsi to some well needed relaxation. At least until tomorrow when I plan on finishing up my painting... or, at least one more wall.

& because we missed it on Friday due to being crazy busy. Here is a bunch of images taken with my phone last week;

Friday, September 16, 2011

MAYBE SHE'S BORN WITH IT... { or she learned it from me}

For the sake of calling her something, let's name her baby. She was one of the cheapest baby dolls on the shelf at the store, her body completely plush & all she does is giggle when you press her tummy. The doll that most people would pass up because it's lack of stimulation. However, baby made it to our house... only after being rejected by my niece.

It wasn't long before Ripsi fell in love with Baby.

She huggles Baby. She snuggles Baby. She babbles to Baby. But most of all, she loves her.

The thing that gets me the most, is she replicates the same things I do to her - with this little doll. She will hold her up high, & drop her down for a kiss. She'll snuggle her & nuzzle her. She'll hold onto Baby's hands & help her clap. It's her Baby, literally. At Nine months; she already knows simple things on how to take care of another.

Kids are so smart. I love to feed them with knowledge & later see it actually sunk in. ♥ I can't wait to teach her everything ( even if she was born with the instincts. I assure you, I will take credit for it. )

&&&& It's Friday, so here is our dump.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

THE VERY FIRST DAY {entering the world of pre k}

This week, my three year old son started school. With that territory, comes riding the school bus. I'll be honest, I was a little nervous all the way up to this week with the idea of him getting on the bus by himself, riding to school, & successfully repeating it as the day ended. However, with allowing him to attend pre k classes, riding the bus came with the total package - I needed to understand this, & so did Daycen.

We got up early, ate breakfast, & went over everything that was going to happen. Daycen was not a fan of the idea. He refused to wear his bus bracelet, he didn't want to carry his backpack, & most of all... he did NOT want to get on that bus.

He screamed. He fought. He cried. "HELP ME! HELP ME!"

& than, the doors on the bus shut & he rode away.

We met him at school to make sure that he was okay. The bus driver claimed he calmed down the second the bus started moving. But, I can't say for sure. But I do know, with each day the passes, this whole bus ride fiasco should become easier.

I know one thing for sure though. It came straight from Daycen's mouth - school is fun. The bus ride however, he won't speak of it.

Monday, September 12, 2011


My little boutique, Smitten Heart has been running a local model search the past few weeks. Via new Facebook rules, I am not allowed to announce winners directly on our fan page; so to protect ourselves - we are announcing the winners here.

I want to first say, THANK YOU to each & everyone of you that entered. I am thrilled with the turn out & would have loved to have everyone be apart of our Holiday shoot, however, I couldn't possibly make enough bibs/bows in time! And I'm sure Victoria wouldn't be pleased if I showed up with 23 babies under the age of two for her to photograph all at once! OH! but the look on her face would have been priceless!

I just want to remind everyone that this was a judged contest. The judges were various boutiques, & close friends of mine. None of the judges knew the models that I am aware of. There is a total of two photoshoots for our Holiday line; one for our bib collection & one for our "party bow" collection. The judges chose the top three models they believed fit these two categories the best. They were chosen by style, ability to model the products in the shoot, & photo personality. They were not decided by photo quality.

So, without further ramble! The winners for the bib shoot are


The top two girls chosen for the bow shoot are


Everyone who entered will receive 25% off their entire purchase valid one time through the end of the year. Just let me know you were part of our Holiday shoot! I will keep everyone in mind for future shoots, & once again, thank you to everyone who entered.

Runners up will be notified if anyone cancels or if I decide to add additional models to the photo shoots.

Friday, September 9, 2011


I walked into the living room; ribbons hanging from my arm & a bowl filled to the brim with Apple Jacks from a freshly purchased box. My son glanced up at me, "Ooh! What's that?"

What's that... simple. It's the next 45 minutes.

At first he thought it was bowl to eat, (which trust me in the end, he ATE!) but after showing him a few times how to string the cereal onto the ribbon he realized exactly what the idea was. Infact, he thought the idea was brilliant!

His sister on the other hand, she preferred the task of eating them.

Eating them. Spilling them. Playing with them.

Just seeing them sitting near each other, enjoying a simple task together, is one of the most amazing things that could have happened. I love watching them interact. After all this time, they are finally learning to share quality time together.

Oh, I remember the days he wouldn't let her within two feet of him. I'm so glad it passed. Yet, I know... someday, this stage shall pass too.

I wish we could stay here forever. Just like this. But than, we'd miss out on such wonderful things that the future has to hold. I look at Daycen, he's three years old. Three. I can close my eyes and remember him the age his sister is. His chubby red cheeks, his bald spot, & unusual love for the jumperoo. I loved every second of that time, but I also love watching him grow & communicate. I thought I knew him back than, but I'm just now really getting to know him.

And I love it.

I'm also going to love really getting to know Miss Ripsi.

My kids loved the simple craft we did this afternoon. I enjoyed every moment of it as well. It couldn't have been a more perfect Friday for us. ♥

Since you didn't get a tasty treat yourselves, I'll leave you with one inspired by Kelle Hampton & give you the simple pleasure of our every day life this past week.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ADMIRATION. { the older sibling. }

She looks up to him. She watches his every move. In a moments notice, she memorizes & stores everything in her mind, prepared to bring it back & use it when she grows a little bit bigger. She's a lot like me. She loves her older brother a whole lot.

And when he isn't in direct sight, she waits. Listens. Anticipates.

Until he comes back.

He is teaching her everything. How to work hard, how to have courage, to take risks, to enjoy the small things in life, to make every day fun, & most importantly how to survive. He doesn't realize it. He doesn't see it. He's teaching her to crawl, walk, talk, eat, play & so much more.

She is teaching him as well; how to accept & share. He doesn't see that either.

It doesn't matter how silly he looks, or how naughty he is. She looks up to him.

She'll always look up to him.
(Trust me on this one. He's going to be A LOT taller than her in the future. She has my short chunky legs. Poor girl.)

It amazes me watching how she reacts to her brother. I envision that perhaps I was the same way with my older brother. I'm am almost 100% sure we are the same. Just years apart. A mother & a daughter, but a similar person.

My brother asked me to stand up in his wedding. Of course I will. I've been standing by his side long before I could even stand.

Let's be honest. We are all hoping they become as close as me & my brother.

and I really, really think they will.

Monday, September 5, 2011

LOVE IS IN THE AIR. { a holiday wedding }

The weather this holiday weekend has been anything but beautiful. It's been overcast, rainy & awfully chilly. However, despite that, we were able to find beauty. On Saturday we attended an outdoor turned indoor wedding, that even with the glitches was extremely cute.

"because I am your man & you are my woman."

♥ There is just something about a mother & a son that gets to me.

I'm not a wedding photographer, but I sure do love capturing their beauty. I love how no matter what goes wrong - no matter if it's sunny or stormy - nobody seems to notice. All that matters is those two; showing their love & taking that step forward. Congratulations, Dan! I'm so glad you found the one to share your life with. ♥

Of course, Aripsemae was thrilled to attend her first wedding. She stayed late & partied hard. Just what every little girl does.

And it was the first time, in a long time, that she wasn't the center of attention.

Friday, September 2, 2011


Where has all the time gone? Can you believe, it's September?! Can you believe I've been absent for OVER A MONTH? I can't. Honestly. Time has literally been blowing past us these past couple months. We've spent a lot of time enjoying the weather, & each other while focusing on the future & all the bright things that is coming our way!

I've had a handful of you contact me, missing my posts. I missed you too.

Here is a brief preview of what has been going down for our small family. ♥ I promise, you didn't miss much!

We've been enjoying the great outdoors ... between here, the 400 block & the park we've been out & about enjoying every moment of the sun before the cool weather kicks in. (I'm ready for it today too! My goodness, our house is like a sauna! Yet, the yard hasn't dried up enough to go outside)

We are 9 months, & practicing our moves!

... no success yet however.

We are learning to play.... & hopefully one day share.

We've been crafting up a storm, Smitten Heart has moved some inventory into Hazel Home

Our teeth have finally started coming in! Hello solid foods!

We had a vendor booth at the ABC Kids consignment sale. We had a fantastic time & met a handful of wonderful people.

And life has exhausted us...

We are back though. Making time for each & everyone of you to enjoy the simple pleasures in our lives. I can't promise you every day, but I can promise you I will make time.

I also wanted to shout out a congratulations to my Brother on his engagement, & to The Starr's on news of their newest addition on the way!