Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Sit back, relax, & be sure to grab your favorite snack. Sometimes, just being lazy with other people is the thing you need. The weather hasn't been forgiving (why, hello again Snow. Don't you realize it's time for Spring?) which is causing us to stay indoors.

Our energy levels are low.

Semi-low, actually.

Despite being different ages, gender, & completely having a different personality my babies are a lot alike. They both are blond hair-blue eyed & go nuts over a glass of milk, enjoy the same books over & over again, like wearing boots over shoes, think fruit bars are gifts from the glamorous heaven, & they both cross their legs while watching television.

They both has a sense of style at such a young age. I know this partly has to do with me, but I allow them to pick & choose colors, prints, materials, etc in their outfits when they are with me shopping. I mean, seriously, what little girl can resist pink rosettes made of tulle?

Our program of viewing was the Public Broadcasting Station, better known as PBS. Martha Speaks to be specific.

During the cold months of the year, we watch entirely too much television. (IMO, at least. I don't know how families can go ALL day watching television. It gets on my nerves.) So, when our toys are just too boring, & the ground is still too frozen - at least they tune into educational programming. (with the occasional movie here & there.)

We are still trying to teach Daycen the concept of board games to help pass the time. But, he often gets a little carried away & goes into "destruction" mode. I think we need to try different game...

Sadly, it is probably a good thing the snow is coming since the illness bug hasn't quite left us. Daycen awoke this morning with "tummy ache" & "throat hurt" Baby sister is still sleeping a little more than normal, but seems to be in a semi-fantastic mood during her awake hours. At least we are heading to the doctors office today & everyone can get checked out.

I think today might be another lazy afternoon.

Monday, February 27, 2012

ONE CHILLY WEEKEND. {but we were burning up.}

Our weekend started off with snow, sniffles, & a whole LOT of crankiness. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, I assumed he woke up on the wrong side of bed & that she was teething. Oh, but as I look back today - It was more than just that. She was SICK. Runny nose, warm skin, constipation, lots of tears, & the state of not wanting to be separated from another human being. Yes, it could have simply been teething, but it was much more intense.

So, sick baby on your hip for a few days results in a jealous three-year-old. I admit, I am guilty of the "No, we can't because Baby Sister is sick." There wasn't much we could, especially since the weather was so chilly.

Except of course, head to the Library.

For as sick as the baby acted at home, the second we entered the children's area of the local Library a small smile slide across her flushed face. We spent the first 15 minutes browsing all the books on the shelves, sliding the best ones into our canvas bag to rent & revisit later. After collecting about a dozen books between both Children we settled in by the play area. This is where I should have gone to the adult section for a complimentary cup of coffee to indulge while they played. mental note for next time.

We must have arrived at the perfect time of the afternoon (or there was something going on in town that we accidently missed.) because there was very few families there. It was almost as if we had the WHOLE place to ourselves.

After the Library, we headed to Grandma's for a change of scenery & a change in television viewing. (At a certain time in the afternoon PBS in our area stops playing children's programming. It would mean snuggling to a long movie or finding a cozy spot with dish network. Let me tell you, Bubble Guppies is a better illness cure than any DVD we own. So, Grandma's was the only choice.)

Baby Sister wouldn't eat any of the lunch we picked up, so she got treated with yogurt. I couldn't get her to eat much more than a few bites, but it was enough to help get us through her illness. :(

Oh, Don't you worry! Daycen got to indulge in the sugary snack too!

We spent the rest of the weekend like this....

Everyone is feeling 100% better now. (except for Dad. He seems to catch it RIGHT as everyone else is totally over it) I'm excited our week is starting out fabulous! ♥ I hope you stayed healthy this past weekend! I know we sure had a rough one, but made it through!

Late, but still just as glamorous.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

HELLO BEAUTIFUL! { weather that is! }

Have you stepped outside lately? I mean, more than that brisk walk to the car. Have you actually spent time out there? Enjoying the fresh air, feeling the warm sun soak into your skin, & totally consuming yourself around sounds other than televisions & blocks being knocked over. I will admit, the chill has kept us in lately but we decided to chance it.

(I'm afraid he doesn't quite understand the difference between snow & grass yet.)

It took at least 15 minutes to gather & put on all the gear. Boots, snowpants, jackets, hats & mittens. Daycen helped choose what Baby Sister was going to wear; she wasn't quite thrilled with the layers of clothing. It would be her FIRST time actually encountering the snow.

Yes, she knows what snow is. Don't get me wrong. However, the first year of her life was a in & out of places without really touching it. This year so far, she was able enjoy it from a stroller. This was her first time getting right there in it - & at first, she wasn't too thrilled.

She didn't want to sit in it. She isn't a very good walker to be able to stand in it without face planting. So, I offered her the sled. Oh, I'm SO glad we picked this old thing up from a garage sale last year for $2.

It amazes me how much a little fresh air can change everyone's mood. Instead of being cranky & frustrated; the kids were full of smiles & laughter. Nobody was focused on picking on the other - we all just got along. So, much so that I was able to attempt a group picture. (THIS IS A BIG DEAL) The kids don't normally like being close to each other, especially not close enough to snap a picture of all three of us in frame.

It's not perfect photography wise. It's not even centered. The settings were WAY off. I moved in too close & Daycen was eating snow. However, it IS perfect. Frame worthy. I've learned through the years that even the not so good shots are the best moments captured. So, don't worry so much on your camera settings - focus on preserving those quick moments. Sometimes the best shots are the crappiest composed.

After playing outside, we walked down to the local auto body shop & got treated with sweet treats. (COOKIES!) What a perfect ending to a long afternoon playing in the snow. ♥




After TWO-AND-A-HALF years Daycen finally got his haircut! He did SO well at the salon & is SO proud of his new hair. I can't believe it finally happened but I am thrilled with the new look & great attitude change that came along with it. ♥

haven't done this in awhile ♥

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

EATING AWAY FROM HOME {can be quite a challenge}

In some situations, it seems, eating in a restaurant can be a pleasant experience. Both kids can either quietly eat, while other times complete chaos. It doesn't matter if they are well rested, or falling into the tired "quite" stage. It doesn't matter if I bring them toys to play with or if we put a rush on the food to keep them from getting bored. I have come to believe it is all about the atmosphere.

This past weekend we went out to lunch with Grandma at Subway. She was a bit hesitant about eating in, but Daycen insisted. There was a couple finishing up their meals when we arrived, otherwise, the entire place was quite. (other than the workers who were chattering away) We ordered our Sub, choose a quite spot to eat & hoped for the best.

The only fuss we received was the sudden change in attitude about eating black olives. No wails, no screams, absolutely not problem.

However, this, was not the case when we went out to dinner with my husband a few days later. We arrived at Noodles & Co. mid-afternoon. About two thirds of the tables were taken, bustling & voices circled the small room. We ordered our food, took a seat, & within minutes (I'm talking QUICK service here, with as many bodies in that place, they were not behind one step.) we had platters of delicious food placed before us.

Baby sister took ONE nibble of her macaroni (& cheese) before the fussing began. I tried to console her from her highchair, but it didn't ease her. I allowed her to sit next to me in the booth -- her pouting quieted slightly.

The boys didn't seem to notice.

I offered up my phone to play baby balloons.

One bite. Two bites. Almost Three.

The phone was down, her eyes were wide, & she was crawling up my arm. Her whines began to top the chatter of the other guests around us. I smiled lightly. Yes, I love eating out but not on the expense of someone else being uncomfortable.

So, to go it was.

I had inventory at work that night & the family thought it would be a surprise to meet for for a late night dinner. So, they arrived in pajamas & took me out to a classy fast food restaurant. 7:00 at night. The only guests in the place was a group of four young teenagers, & an older man in his 50's.

Yes! You guessed it. She was PERFECTLY content.

So, if you'd like to invite us out - we have special regulations. These which include; Off times, non-hopping restaurant locations, delicious food that can be quickly packaged to go, & of course the acceptance plans changing at a rapid pace. I'll be honest, eating out with young children is a challenge BUT it's such a treat when all goes well. ♥