Monday, May 16, 2011


The weather around here has had it's ups & downs lately, mainly downs but really who can complain when it isn't snow? However, some of our days lately have been beautiful! On those days, we rush to finish our breakfast & clean up our play area so we can spend the afternoon basking in the sunlight. We haven't really had the chance to purchase any outdoor toys, even though we have a yard of our own, so we make due with the small things. Things, such as a bubble blowing, siren roaring fire truck.

Twenty minutes out of the package and Daycen had the ladder riped off. Good thing, it didn't cause any damage to the bubble blowing mechanism! Otherwise, our beautiful afternoon would have turned to one filled with tears & a trip to Walgreens for another firetruck.

Daycen could spend hours upon hours playing with the bubbles, Ripsi on the other hand wasn't quite impressed. She didn't enjoy little water clouds floating in front of her face & popping. She didn't enjoy the loud noise that blared from the little truck. She prefered the finer things in life, like laying out of a blanket sporting her new shoes & enjoying the cool breeze.

Cool, cute shoes.

Baby Gap, Corsage Sandals $16.95

Can you say jealous? I sure am. Those are literally the cutest sandal I have ever laid my eyes upon, & the largest size they come in is 6-12 months! That surely won't fit my foot! & I consider my feet small! You'll be seeing these more, they literally go with everything in her closet - from dresses to jeans - from pinks to blacks. Ripsi doesn't complain about the strap between her toes, & actually enjoys to grab at the little flower detail when she is bored. Worth every cent! If your local, you might want to rush to the Baby Gap & grab yourself a pair before we buy them out!

I hope everyone is enjoying the start of Spring now that it's finally arrived.

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