Wednesday, June 29, 2011


As I stated in my previous entry, Aunt Leane had come to town with her darling boyfriend, Steve. Instead of camping out in our living room this time around, she opted for a hotel - A hotel with a pool. I can't say I wasn't excited she chose this route, not that I don't LOVE having her at our house, because believe me, I do! But my goodness! An actual pool?! On one of the hottest weekends we've had so far! Count me in!

The light that cased through their hotel room windows while we were getting ready was absolutely beautiful. It was the best source of natural light I have come in contact with in quite awhile so I decided while everyone was getting ready to hit the pool, Ripsi would have a teensy weensy modeling session in one of her many Baby Gap suits.

I positioned myself between her & the large patio doors, leaving the sheer curtains pulled shut to cast a soft glow. I am completely in love with how each image turned out. So, I thought I would share them with you while I sort & edit the 100's of pool pictures that were taken!

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Anonymous said...

She's so adorable and has the prettiest blue eyes. I'm inlove with the first picture.