Friday, January 13, 2012


With a football team that normally plays on the frozen tundra, this winter has been oddly... warm. No, not just warm, but completely beautiful. Where normally we are used to the temperatures below zero, & the snow scaling up to be waist high. The thought of going outside was dreaded because the second the cold air circled your lungs it was hard to breathe.

but no, it hasn't been like that at all so far this winter.

The snow hadn't come at full force, infact, the snow barely grazed our green grass. You could see bits of spring still living beneath the inch layer that covered most of the year. The temperatures were at an astounding 40 degrees. Let me tell you, it was starting to feel like Winter had chosen to skip right over us this year!

Yes, it was feeling like Winter decided not to visit.

Until, of course. Yesterday. Winter came. It came fast, & it has decided to stay. Now, don't get me wrong, it's nothing like we are used to - but for a family that was anxiously awaiting spring it came as a disappointment.

(not so bad, but I already miss the grass.)

Baby sister still has the lasting end of her ear infection, so we stayed in. We enjoyed Beauty & The Beast, Hot drinks (except for Ripsi, she is quite set on Enfagrow), & cozy blankets.

Welcome Winter. I promise, as of tomorrow, we will try to enjoy you while you are here. For today though, we'd just like the sulk over the fact that our Spring hasn't begun.

Friday, January 6, 2012


I've gotten nudged, suggested to, & yelled at for not posting lately. So, while I write something up ---- enjoy our last couple weeks in photos. ♥