Sunday, February 14, 2010


I hope everyone had a swell Valentine's Day & got to spend some much needed time with those that they love. Weather it was your significant other, your children, or great friends & family. Lucky for me, I got to spend it with both my parents, my husband, son, & good friend, Kait. It seems to have become our annual tradition to make homemade heart-shaped pizza on this day (maybe because we find it cheaper to do this than grab one from Papa Murphy's. Honestly though, it probably evens out in the long run.)

Each year, the pizza's seem to be looking more & more like hearts. Than again, each year I learn new tips on making homemade pizza - like rolling it on the counter first before putting it on the pan, using loads & loads for flour to keep from extreme stickage, as well as adding a little elbow grease and creativity.

That, & I had more help this year...

Today was also the first time Daycen has tried pizza. We slowly introduced him to all the ingredients - than let him dive right in! Oh, man, was he in heaven. He could have "MMMMMM"ed for hours.

I know, he doesn't look thrilled here, but I have several witnesses that he loved it.

Once our tummies were full - we relaxed with some Minnesota Wild Hockey. What a perfect end to such a sweet day.

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rockpaperscissors3 said...

Wow-such a cute idea! Us Moms could totally do this with our kids! Great idea!