Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Possibly the greatest thing about Daycen's surgery was that we got to spend hours upon hours with him. No work to attend. No appointments to be at. Just spending good quality time with the little guy. The first few hours after - into the middle of the next day consisted of lots of cuddles, lots of kisses, as well as grogginess with lots of naps. By Thursday afternoon, we had our normal 19 month old toddler who's got more energy that he even knows what to do with back!

Days like this make me wish that I was lucky enough to be one of those stay at home mothers. I would love to spend quality time with Daycen like this each & every day - instead we just get mornings. Oh how I love mornings now that it's the main portion of the day spent laughing. I also love Gap. I love the impact we make on the world, the idea of not just being a store is an amazing concept.

That's why I do what I love




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