Saturday, February 13, 2010


In celebration of Valentine's Day tomorrow, we thought we'd share the love.

I've never made pancakes before. In fact it never even crossed my mind to make them until Hungry Jack light & fluffy pancake mix was on sale at the grocery store. Simple right? The instructions on the side of the box made it seem like even a five-year-old could accomplish this task. Oh boy was I WRONG. I had the counters splashed with gooey pancake mix, I couldn't make a circle for the life of me, & after using cookie cutters to shape them they still turned out like little blobs.

I never claimed I could cook but I never thought I was terrible at it. I think perhaps it was the pressure that got to me. I mean, how could you cook with these eyes burning into the back of your head?

Satisfaction. That's all I could really ask for. Than again, he's never tasted anyone elses pancakes.

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