Thursday, February 11, 2010


I'm not going to lie, I've been blogging for years. Since 2005, I've been over at live journal which is a pretty private sanctuary for me. Just a few close people were allowed a first row seat to the delights in my life - which was a big change since prior to that journal I ran a personal web blog. I find myself struggling for the words, that they just aren't being heard anymore. So, I've returned to a public blog. I can't promise you how long I will stay, but for now, all I can hope is you stick around to breath in the moments of my life. Enjoy the little things.

I'm not big on introductions, but I guess for the sake of anyone who stumbles upon my new home one maybe in order. I'm a twenty-four year old mother of a darling 19-month old boy. He's a handful, almost as much of one as my husband. I'm still pretty new into the whole wife & mother role, so the struggles are often but once overcome I am completely humbled.

I just hope we can make your days brighter, despite what the weather is outside. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to follow, we love making new friends & enjoy hearing from everyone.

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