Monday, September 5, 2011

LOVE IS IN THE AIR. { a holiday wedding }

The weather this holiday weekend has been anything but beautiful. It's been overcast, rainy & awfully chilly. However, despite that, we were able to find beauty. On Saturday we attended an outdoor turned indoor wedding, that even with the glitches was extremely cute.

"because I am your man & you are my woman."

♥ There is just something about a mother & a son that gets to me.

I'm not a wedding photographer, but I sure do love capturing their beauty. I love how no matter what goes wrong - no matter if it's sunny or stormy - nobody seems to notice. All that matters is those two; showing their love & taking that step forward. Congratulations, Dan! I'm so glad you found the one to share your life with. ♥

Of course, Aripsemae was thrilled to attend her first wedding. She stayed late & partied hard. Just what every little girl does.

And it was the first time, in a long time, that she wasn't the center of attention.

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