Monday, September 12, 2011


My little boutique, Smitten Heart has been running a local model search the past few weeks. Via new Facebook rules, I am not allowed to announce winners directly on our fan page; so to protect ourselves - we are announcing the winners here.

I want to first say, THANK YOU to each & everyone of you that entered. I am thrilled with the turn out & would have loved to have everyone be apart of our Holiday shoot, however, I couldn't possibly make enough bibs/bows in time! And I'm sure Victoria wouldn't be pleased if I showed up with 23 babies under the age of two for her to photograph all at once! OH! but the look on her face would have been priceless!

I just want to remind everyone that this was a judged contest. The judges were various boutiques, & close friends of mine. None of the judges knew the models that I am aware of. There is a total of two photoshoots for our Holiday line; one for our bib collection & one for our "party bow" collection. The judges chose the top three models they believed fit these two categories the best. They were chosen by style, ability to model the products in the shoot, & photo personality. They were not decided by photo quality.

So, without further ramble! The winners for the bib shoot are


The top two girls chosen for the bow shoot are


Everyone who entered will receive 25% off their entire purchase valid one time through the end of the year. Just let me know you were part of our Holiday shoot! I will keep everyone in mind for future shoots, & once again, thank you to everyone who entered.

Runners up will be notified if anyone cancels or if I decide to add additional models to the photo shoots.


Anonymous said...

From a grandmas standpoint all babies are beautiful. Thank you for doing the search and look forward to many more contests. Thanks again Alyvias grandma Heather

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Facebook allow you to announce the winner on your fanpage? That seems like a silly rule to me.