Friday, September 2, 2011


Where has all the time gone? Can you believe, it's September?! Can you believe I've been absent for OVER A MONTH? I can't. Honestly. Time has literally been blowing past us these past couple months. We've spent a lot of time enjoying the weather, & each other while focusing on the future & all the bright things that is coming our way!

I've had a handful of you contact me, missing my posts. I missed you too.

Here is a brief preview of what has been going down for our small family. ♥ I promise, you didn't miss much!

We've been enjoying the great outdoors ... between here, the 400 block & the park we've been out & about enjoying every moment of the sun before the cool weather kicks in. (I'm ready for it today too! My goodness, our house is like a sauna! Yet, the yard hasn't dried up enough to go outside)

We are 9 months, & practicing our moves!

... no success yet however.

We are learning to play.... & hopefully one day share.

We've been crafting up a storm, Smitten Heart has moved some inventory into Hazel Home

Our teeth have finally started coming in! Hello solid foods!

We had a vendor booth at the ABC Kids consignment sale. We had a fantastic time & met a handful of wonderful people.

And life has exhausted us...

We are back though. Making time for each & everyone of you to enjoy the simple pleasures in our lives. I can't promise you every day, but I can promise you I will make time.

I also wanted to shout out a congratulations to my Brother on his engagement, & to The Starr's on news of their newest addition on the way!


Jazmyn Alexandria said...

I was wondering where you disappeared to! Glad to hear things are going well for you! Both of your kids are so freaking cute! :)

Megan Darling said...

Yay, I'm so glad you're back!! Time really has gone by in a flash the last couple months, it's crazy. Aaah, those first two pictures are adorable! Has her hair gotten lighter?

Brooke Leigh said...

@Jazmyn I'm back now! :) I thought you left too since you changed your domain name!! I'm glad to see you still around.

@Megan :D She's becoming blond just like her brother. My babies are born with dark dark hair & by a year they are blonder than blond! I was hoping hers would hold, but as you can tell - no such luck!

Sammi said...

hooray :D so glad you are back Brook :) sounds like you've had a lovely summer.

pakosta said...

glad you are back!
I sure enjoy your photos!
and your adorable kiddos!