Monday, September 26, 2011


Rain. Rain. & More rain. The forecast predicts that our weather is going to be gloomy at least through Wednesday. I'm okay with warming up to a large pot of pumpkin coffee with my teething daughter snuggling on my lap watching a few Disney movies - Daycen however; he is a bit harder to please.

So, it brighten up this weather for him, we introduce something we like to call, bringing summer back. Despite the 40 degree weather, we grabbed a 99 cent frosty from Wendy's, cranked the heat up just a little to be comfortable in a t-shirt, & turned on Summertime with Max & Ruby.

The pout that had formed on his face when he was told he couldn't play outside faded away quickly. Within minutes he was grinning from ear to ear, devouring that small bowl of ice cream.

This left me & Ripsi to some well needed relaxation. At least until tomorrow when I plan on finishing up my painting... or, at least one more wall.

& because we missed it on Friday due to being crazy busy. Here is a bunch of images taken with my phone last week;


Jazmyn Alexandria said...

So cute lol! I don't think I'm following you on mytubo, what's your username?

Petit Monstree

Brooke Leigh said...

Smitten. I didn't realize you have a mytubo! :)

Sammi said...

Beautiful pictures again Brooke!

Sounds like Daycen already has SAD- which I have been badly suffering with this year..!

Hope you're keeping well... Did you have much of a summer this year or was it miserable throughout as it has been here in the UK?

4little1s said...

So cute,