Friday, September 9, 2011


I walked into the living room; ribbons hanging from my arm & a bowl filled to the brim with Apple Jacks from a freshly purchased box. My son glanced up at me, "Ooh! What's that?"

What's that... simple. It's the next 45 minutes.

At first he thought it was bowl to eat, (which trust me in the end, he ATE!) but after showing him a few times how to string the cereal onto the ribbon he realized exactly what the idea was. Infact, he thought the idea was brilliant!

His sister on the other hand, she preferred the task of eating them.

Eating them. Spilling them. Playing with them.

Just seeing them sitting near each other, enjoying a simple task together, is one of the most amazing things that could have happened. I love watching them interact. After all this time, they are finally learning to share quality time together.

Oh, I remember the days he wouldn't let her within two feet of him. I'm so glad it passed. Yet, I know... someday, this stage shall pass too.

I wish we could stay here forever. Just like this. But than, we'd miss out on such wonderful things that the future has to hold. I look at Daycen, he's three years old. Three. I can close my eyes and remember him the age his sister is. His chubby red cheeks, his bald spot, & unusual love for the jumperoo. I loved every second of that time, but I also love watching him grow & communicate. I thought I knew him back than, but I'm just now really getting to know him.

And I love it.

I'm also going to love really getting to know Miss Ripsi.

My kids loved the simple craft we did this afternoon. I enjoyed every moment of it as well. It couldn't have been a more perfect Friday for us. ♥

Since you didn't get a tasty treat yourselves, I'll leave you with one inspired by Kelle Hampton & give you the simple pleasure of our every day life this past week.