Friday, December 2, 2011

OUR THANKSGIVING. { baby sister turns one }

It is December, isn't it? Well - it seems to have turned into a tradition for me to give you our Thanksgiving recap early December. Or at least, it's a good excuse for procrastination.

Each year, my son begins to do a little more with the holidays. This year, instead of just watching, he got elbows deep in the cooking with Grandma. He's been crafting like a mad man, & actually understood what was going on. He even realized it was more than just a holiday, it was also Baby Sister's FIRST birthday.

It was beautiful out. It was fantastic. It was a good Thanksgiving. A fabulous First Birthday.

Considering what kind of dinner I had to compare it to last year, I'd say, we ate like royalty!

♥ I hope everyone's Holiday was as heart-warming & relaxing as ours.

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Anonymous said...

I love the picture of baby sister holding on to big brother while it looks as if he's trying to escape her grip.

Hope the rest of your holiday season is amazing.