Thursday, December 1, 2011

BRINGING SOME MAGIC IN OUR LIVES {thank you Blockbuster}

Right before Thanksgiving, our local Blockbuster Video had their open house/family weekend. Our local store normally goes above & beyond most other retailers when it comes to making that "special" moment. I'll assure you -- this time they topped that scale once again.

When you walked in, their were balloons scattered across the entire store! The strings just long enough for a three year old to reach up & snagged one - or five.

Ontop of the free balloons, throughout the store was free candy & treats! What a ultimate surprise! They even had a free tattoo station that Ripsi took up, & got herself a temporary tweety bird one. ♥

Best of all, the had a MAGICIAN! Yes, a real live, completely amazing magician! I will assure you, my kids were more than thrilled! (I will admit, so was I!)

The main event for the show was cutting the store manager & our uncle Luke in half! ♥! Everyone had a fabulous time at the event! I am lucky to have such a community, family driven Blockbuster store in town. I really encourage everyone to show their support for all the great things they do for our small town. We will surely be renting many movies to help keep us warm during this Holiday season.

After the Magic Show, we continued our family fun Sunday by going out for some Nachos! Which is a fan favorite lately in my house. (well, & a cheesy roll up for baby sister.)

♥ delicious, perfect Sunday.

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