Friday, December 2, 2011

MOVING ON { we're too young to work this much }

I'm always behind.
I'm never on time.

My family has been hit with the sick bug these past few weeks. It started a few days before Thanksgiving via the hubby bringing it home from work. On her first birthday, she contracted the virus & has been sniffling & coughing since. Baby sister has literally been attached to me since; between fevers, tears, & an ear infection it looks as if things are starting to become a little sunny on our side of town! ♥ Thank goodness, because I really don't know how much more of this illness I could have taken before catching it myself!

I'm just thrilled everyone is getting healthy. I'm just thrilled we are changing things so that WE come first. Baby sister is quiting boutique modeling, as it no longer is "fun". We've become so busy with taking pictures for everyone else, that we no longer are taking pictures for ourselves. So, once she is feeling better -- we are shooting for the lovely boutiques that have booked her, & than taking a long while off to enjoy the simple things in life again. ♥ We've also learned that a lot of the people involved in modeling are not kind hearts that we want to circle ourselves with.

My camera card is full of modeling photos, but my phone is full of love.

& for an extra special treat, here in the week before in photos as well. ♥

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pakosta said...

I am glad you are just going to enjoy her, and not surround yourself with this type of people if it's not healthy! good for you! I LOVE iphone pix! great ones on yours!