Friday, March 11, 2011


Remember when I told you that my daughter was always hungry? Let me assure you, that still hasn't changed. In these past few weeks, however, she's learned that if she screams loud enough, kicks & punches the air hard enough that perhaps, just maybe - her bottle will come 15 minutes early.

She's also learned, this plan can backfire rather easily.

Daycen has decided to step up and try to help mommy out as much as possible with "'ister" This includes; turning her swing on (even when mommy shuts it off.), bringing her blankets & accessories, & helping with her laundry (he just needs to learn that clean & dirty doesn't mix). Just recently, he began to help feed her. Yes, you heard me right! He's feeding her fake cherries from the original baby alive.

Baby sister might not be too happy with his sudden urge to help, but I am thrilled with this new involvement! Not only does he understand the concept of feeding, but he also interacting with his sister instead of just staring at her like she's an alien!

I promise you. She was given her bottle early during this feeding, just as a thank you for putting up with the cherries!


Deanna said...

hah! that's cute!

apparently gage thinks the baby monitor is a two way radio, because whenever he hears his brother he'll scream into it, "go back to sleep owsley! you shouldn't be awake yet!"

Megan Darling said...

Oh my gosh, too sweet! And I love Daycen's hoodie, it's awesome ;D