Thursday, February 24, 2011

EMBRACING A MILESTONE {rice cereal, attempt one}

My daughter is hungry.
She is hungry right now. She was hungry a hour ago. She'll be hungry a hour from now. I can give her any amount of formula, & nearly five minutes after she's finished her lips are smacking & her hand is attached to her mouth. This liquid breakfast, lunch, & dinner just isn't satisfying her growing tummy. So, I know I am early, but I've decided to give her a little something thicker to help ease the wait between a few of her feedings.

We've introduced the lovely thing called cereal.

Rice, Grain, Oatmeal, Barley. The options were endless! I stood in the isle, my eyes scanning each & every one of the boxes trying to decided just what was right for my daughter. I picked up one box, stared intently at it, & plopped it back on the shelf. I repeated with the next. After I scanned all boxes, I re-picked each one up again... Daycen never liked his cereals, he refused to eat them. He was formula til six months before he would even attempt to get a solid down his throat.

I settled on rice cereal. Only because I hear most people mention it when they talk about starting their children on solids. Did I make the right choice? I haven't any clue. I felt like a first time mother all over again, and to be honest with you - it felt wonderful to be excited about something so minor!

I got home & plopped Ripsi into the highchair. The second I had, I heard a disgusted sound float in from the living room. The next thing I know, Daycen is standing next to me - his index finger pointed directly at his sister's face. "Out. OUT!" Oh, yes. I had forgotten to wean Daycen away from his high chair. I really had meant to.

I mixed up the cereal, & began to spoon feed Ripsi. She instantly spit it out at me. I'll be honest, by spit, I mean sprayed! I didn't give up, I continued to spoon feed her. I'm not sure if she actually ate any of it, but it was all over her bib & all over her face. She seemed to enjoy it though! She giggled loudly & flashed big smiles in between spoonfuls. (I'll be honest, it's probably because she was sitting straight up in the highchair, rather than the fact she was nibbling on delicious cereal.)

I'm not entirely sure if we will continue this meal as a routine. However, it was a wonderful experience for the both of us!

But for now, I think we will just stick with our formula. At least for a few more weeks.

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pakosta said...

cute pictures!
my babies were both hungry and started eating solids at 4 months old. they just could not get enough when I was nursing!
whatever works, I say!!!
she's adorable!

- Stephani Daxx said...

I started Dominic on cereal at 4months and Brayden on cereal at 3months. Although now they say to wait til 6months! My babies were HUNGRY!!!

leane said...

she's so big!
Do you have a booster seat or anything for D so you can start seating him at the table with everyone else. He might relish in the fact that he's graduated to the adult table... he sits on everyones lap when we're around the table anyway.

Deanna said...

i'm pretty sure owsley is going through a growth spurt right now. he's starving every hour, and i'm certain my boobs are going to be hanging to my knees by next week.

at least we know our babies are growing!

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

hehe.. this is true. hopefully she enjoys her rice cereal and gets a full belly so mommy can get a break.

Super Lily said...

My daughter was very much the same and we began at 5 months with cereal. She slept like a champ soon after. :)