Thursday, March 10, 2011


The past few days Daycen has had this overly hoarse, dry cough. His nose has been dripping constantly, & he snores like a car revving it's engine. With this cold, has come a very snuggly two-year-old. (and for child who NEVER wanted to snuggle as an infant, this is quite a pleasant surprise!)

Our mornings are filled with sweatpants, & the blankets pulled up to our chins. The warm sunlight grazes the room in attempts to warm up our moods. While our evening are filled with cries of, "don't leave me alone!" He throws such a tantrum, that we allow him to fall asleep on the couch before he is carried up to bed.

It's just early morning & late nights that he is this sloth. I have a feeling it has to do with when his medicine kicks in. (After three stops all around the town, we finally found some cough medicine for a child under four!) Either way, it's fantastic that he actually wants to cuddle with ME. He's turned into such a daddy's boy ever since baby sister was born. It's nice when he realizes he still needs his mom.

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pakosta said...

goodness sakes he is CUTE!
love these shots so much!!!
my daughter, first one, never liked to snuggle, but my 2nd one made up for that 10x over!