Thursday, February 23, 2012

HELLO BEAUTIFUL! { weather that is! }

Have you stepped outside lately? I mean, more than that brisk walk to the car. Have you actually spent time out there? Enjoying the fresh air, feeling the warm sun soak into your skin, & totally consuming yourself around sounds other than televisions & blocks being knocked over. I will admit, the chill has kept us in lately but we decided to chance it.

(I'm afraid he doesn't quite understand the difference between snow & grass yet.)

It took at least 15 minutes to gather & put on all the gear. Boots, snowpants, jackets, hats & mittens. Daycen helped choose what Baby Sister was going to wear; she wasn't quite thrilled with the layers of clothing. It would be her FIRST time actually encountering the snow.

Yes, she knows what snow is. Don't get me wrong. However, the first year of her life was a in & out of places without really touching it. This year so far, she was able enjoy it from a stroller. This was her first time getting right there in it - & at first, she wasn't too thrilled.

She didn't want to sit in it. She isn't a very good walker to be able to stand in it without face planting. So, I offered her the sled. Oh, I'm SO glad we picked this old thing up from a garage sale last year for $2.

It amazes me how much a little fresh air can change everyone's mood. Instead of being cranky & frustrated; the kids were full of smiles & laughter. Nobody was focused on picking on the other - we all just got along. So, much so that I was able to attempt a group picture. (THIS IS A BIG DEAL) The kids don't normally like being close to each other, especially not close enough to snap a picture of all three of us in frame.

It's not perfect photography wise. It's not even centered. The settings were WAY off. I moved in too close & Daycen was eating snow. However, it IS perfect. Frame worthy. I've learned through the years that even the not so good shots are the best moments captured. So, don't worry so much on your camera settings - focus on preserving those quick moments. Sometimes the best shots are the crappiest composed.

After playing outside, we walked down to the local auto body shop & got treated with sweet treats. (COOKIES!) What a perfect ending to a long afternoon playing in the snow. ♥




After TWO-AND-A-HALF years Daycen finally got his haircut! He did SO well at the salon & is SO proud of his new hair. I can't believe it finally happened but I am thrilled with the new look & great attitude change that came along with it. ♥

haven't done this in awhile ♥

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