Friday, January 21, 2011


We have a high of 2 degrees today - which I don't believe will happen because it's been lingering around three below zero for the past few hours. I am almost positive it will drop even more once the sun sets in a few hours. (BRRR! I'm still trying to figure out why we haven't fixed the seal under our front door, or HOW the previous owners survived without icicle toes. I'm guessing they cranked the heat. Perhaps that's why they couldn't afford their mortgage?! Their loss, my gain?)

It doesn't matter how cold it will get the next few hours, or days. We have found simple ways to warm a frozen heart. Those which include; wet kisses, dance parties (that usually break out into singing. I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine. I got a love and I know that it's all mine), baking sweet treats, snuggling on the couch, & most of all brother & sisterly bonding.

Yes! You heard me - BONDING.

He even asked for her "HAND". My husband believes it was to lead her off the couch, but in my simple mind - it was much more than that!

I know the picture quality is crappy & I did a terrible job with the lighting. However, I am completely in love with them. I didn't have time to run upstairs to cover the windows or I would have completely missed this moment. Sometimes, just snapping the pictures regardless of perfection is the best way to do it.

I hope everyone stays warm this weekend! It's supposed to be a chilly one!


AshleyAnn said...

Totally agree...sometimes a not so technically perfect photo ends up being my very favorite because of the moment capture. Priceless photos!

kim rakes said...

photo 2 cracks me up!! this is such a sweet capture... i love that it is a real and genuine moment that you get to have for keeps

Megan Darling said...

Ugh, tell me about it :\ It's been consistantly -5 and I am so not feeling it, lol. Aww, these are truly heart melting! So true, sometimes you just have to start snapping pictures and forget about the quality because it's more important to just at least capture those few moments ;*