Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Sit back, relax, & be sure to grab your favorite snack. Sometimes, just being lazy with other people is the thing you need. The weather hasn't been forgiving (why, hello again Snow. Don't you realize it's time for Spring?) which is causing us to stay indoors.

Our energy levels are low.

Semi-low, actually.

Despite being different ages, gender, & completely having a different personality my babies are a lot alike. They both are blond hair-blue eyed & go nuts over a glass of milk, enjoy the same books over & over again, like wearing boots over shoes, think fruit bars are gifts from the glamorous heaven, & they both cross their legs while watching television.

They both has a sense of style at such a young age. I know this partly has to do with me, but I allow them to pick & choose colors, prints, materials, etc in their outfits when they are with me shopping. I mean, seriously, what little girl can resist pink rosettes made of tulle?

Our program of viewing was the Public Broadcasting Station, better known as PBS. Martha Speaks to be specific.

During the cold months of the year, we watch entirely too much television. (IMO, at least. I don't know how families can go ALL day watching television. It gets on my nerves.) So, when our toys are just too boring, & the ground is still too frozen - at least they tune into educational programming. (with the occasional movie here & there.)

We are still trying to teach Daycen the concept of board games to help pass the time. But, he often gets a little carried away & goes into "destruction" mode. I think we need to try different game...

Sadly, it is probably a good thing the snow is coming since the illness bug hasn't quite left us. Daycen awoke this morning with "tummy ache" & "throat hurt" Baby sister is still sleeping a little more than normal, but seems to be in a semi-fantastic mood during her awake hours. At least we are heading to the doctors office today & everyone can get checked out.

I think today might be another lazy afternoon.


Jazmyn Alexandria said...

I love lazy days sometimes and I'm really loving that headband, omg that's so cute! I wish I could get Alyson to wear headbands but she hates having stuff on her head lol.

Love, Jazmyn

Sammi said...

Oooh I agree there is nothing that beats a lazy day in the winter. I adore Ripsi's hair band, in fact I want one. She is sooo cute when sleeping too :)

I still get a slight shock when I see Daycen's hair all short, just from being used to seeing it long. He looks great with short hair too :)