Friday, December 9, 2011

IT'S STARTING TO FREEZE OVER { let's cuddle. }

& snowed. & snowed.

We were literally dumped on a couple of nights ago, & the weather has been cold enough to let us keep it. Winter has officially begun around here, & the holidays are looking to be a bit more festive! In the past couple days it has been warmer, & in parts of the yard you can see the grass peeking through. Not your typical Wisconsin winter - I dearly hope this doesn't mean the snow won't leave to May. I like my Easters where we can find the eggs outside, not them sinking deep into a pile of snow.

Daycen however, is excited about the snow this year. While getting ready for school the other morning, he saw a glimpse of the white landscape outside & squealed with joy. "IT SNOW! IT SNOW!" He's even been a little helper this year...

(please excuse the pink gloves, it's the only pair we could find at Grandma's. He sure does ROCK them though, eh?!)

The best part about the snow, is the rich foods that come with it to make our tummies warm. Various soups, Slow cooker meals, & one of our family favorites - Lasagna.

Fabulously delicious, & easy peasy to make.
My mother seriously makes it the best.
(at least, from what my taste buds have tried.)

I can't wait to try some more tummy warming recipes this year. I have a feeling that stuffed portabella mushrooms will be high on our lists. Anyone have any favorites they recommend? I always love previously tested recipes, it saves us from having to order pizza if they don't turn out!

Winter also means....

FANTASTIC hats; made with love : baby gap

Speaking of Ripsi, she is feeling better. The hat helps keep the ear infection at bay & her medicine is almost gone (meaning, so is the infection!) Plus, lots & lots of cuddling seems to help her progress faster.

Jealous? I sure would be. ♥ She's an amazing snuggler.

I hope everyone stays warm, & healthy in the next coming weeks;
Oh, & since it's Friday;

I love making these, idk why. :)


pakosta said...

LOVE all of your photos! what actions do you use on them?!
LOVE the iphone collages too! I do them a lot too and I LOVE IT!
do you use PIknik?!
I sometimes do but I also make them on my phone with a free collage app. then upload to my computer!
your babies are just so beautiful!

Sammi said...

oh no! not snow!!! i am hoping for a snow free winter here in the UK. I have a scooter and it makes it impossible to get to work. snow wheels are illegal in the uk also :(

Megan said...

His little hat! And the gloves! So very cute ;D Love how excited he looked to help shovel. Oh my gosh, the little hat that Ripsi is rocking is the cutest thing, she's so adorable! Y'all always look like you're having such a great time, even when feeling sick.

Brooke Leigh said...

@Pakosta/Tara Hello darling! I am currently using Mia Bella actions; The specific set used with these photos is from the Lily Collection.

I do not use Piknik, I do all my editing & collaging in photoshop. I just made some templates, & insert the photos.

Thank you for the kid comment about my kids! ♥