Thursday, December 15, 2011

BABY SISTER TURNS ONE { she's not such a baby anymore }

This may be a few weeks overdue, but I still wanted to share baby girl's First Birthday with everyone. ♥ That way, if you were invited & decided that you had something else to do - these pictures just might make you a tad bit jealous. Despite her having an undetected (at the time) ear infection, her vintage couture owl party went fabulous!

owl printables from They have some fabulous Christmas ones as well if you have any last minute needs. ♥

The party originally was going to be strictly a Vintage Couture color patterns with lace & doilies, but when I saw this printable set --- I just COULDN'T pass up the opportunity to incorporate it into her theme. As well as the price tag was almost unbelievable! $12.70 for the entire party set & photo frame favors!

The biggest dilemma that came with planning her birthday party was figuring out the menu. Normally the hit of our parties is the large, creative food selection. With Ripsi, it was more about what she would eat (since she is solely a table scrap baby.) So, between making it a brunch setting with tons of eggs or ordering her second favortie food; we chose the easy route...

It sure was a hit for everyone! (except our gluten free friend, who failed to inform us of the new discovery prior to our decision. Sorry, Kait!)

Happy birthday, my gorgeous Aripsemae.
I'm so excited to have gotten to spend an entire year by your side.

She partied hard despite being miserably sick (& sleeping during the opening of her gifts) & enjoyed every minute of her party. Thank you so much to everyone who came ♥ we were grateful to have you apart of our little girl's unforgettable milestone.

Of course, after a big day - every girl likes a little wake me up the next morning in their sweats. ♥

disclaimer; empty cup. she isn't really drinking coffee.


Anonymous said...

Uhoh is that auntie leanes cup that she left on the floor?

Ashley said...

she's adorable! Happy birthday!!

Brooke Leigh said...

Yes! It's your cup! She found it right away in the morning!!

Jazmyn Alexandria said...

She is such a cutie! Happy birthday to her as well. :)
Oh and I forgot to tell you on twitter but my new blog is here!

Also do you mind me asking where you got the printables? I think I'm going to start planning Alyson's 2nd birthday soon so I'm not overwhelmed wedding planning and birthday planning around the same time haha!

Brooke Leigh said...

@Jazmyn The printables came from :) They were easy to use, & printed out beautifully on an at home printer. Saved us quite a bit of $$$$.

!!!!! Yay! I'm so glad you are still blogging!! :D