Friday, December 16, 2011

HE FINALLY JOINED OUR TRADITION { helping make the cookies }

Last year, I so dearly wanted my son to join our tradition of creating the cookies. He was far more interested in his cars than some flour. This year, there was no way I could keep him away from the dough. It's funny how drastically things can change over the course of just one year. Heck, maybe next year baby sister will be nudging her little fingers into the action instead of contently watching the Bubble Guppies holiday special.

I rolled out the dough & began to cut the cookies per cutter of Daycen's choice. Each time a cookie was cut out; laughter & excitement filled the room.

We focused on making a variety of sizes & shapes in our cookies this year. We actually got to use the miniature cutters that have been sitting in the bottom of the package. & oh goodness! They came out tasting more delicious than the larger ones, & they sure are cute!

Also the perfect size for someone else I know....

As soon as the cookies were cooled enough to be frosted, Daycen was ready. He was more than ready. He had the sprinkles spread across the counter in a buffet style. Ready to create. & create.


It was his absolute favorite part of the cookie making process (other than the devouring part.) As for me, my favorite part changed this year. I'd have to say, I no longer love the cutting process the most - My favorite part has turned into seeing this flour faced smile brighten up the room.

I'm so glad he's decided to join me & my mom in this tradition. We now have three generations creating beautiful cookies for our holiday ♥ What a special treat for 2011.

Happy Friday everyone!;

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Megan said...

So cute and so sweet! I love his little flour face <3 And oh my gosh, Ripsi's headband is too cute!