Thursday, July 21, 2011


I plan on finishing up finalizing the big birthday post this afternoon and instead of leaving you hanging a day, I figured I'd share a couple pictures. I fell in love with the idea of making sure to take a picture with the kids on their birthdays each year. After all the commotion & guests had left, I was able to pull Daycen aside.

He normally hates to get in front of the camera. However, I was able to bribe him that if he took a picture with me - I'd open that deluxe pack of Disney Car's.

After I spent some time clicking away with Daycen, I continued onto Ripsi. Who is always into getting her pictures taken!

Daycen has been playing side by side with his sister for very short periods of time lately. I actually was able to capture that moment to share with you guys...

The large track, thanks to my brother. Always leave it to uncles to give over the top birthday gifts.

Oh, and a sneak peek of Daycen's birthday theme...

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Anonymous said...

You have the cutest kids.