Friday, July 8, 2011


This past Sunday one of our favorite family venue's, Willow Springs Garden, was putting on their annual Independence Day festival. They had a petting zoo, antique tractors, airplanes, & cars, craft booths, live bands, karaoke, lots of delicious treats, & tons of activities for the kids! All that & more with absolutely no admission cost!

I allowed Daycen to pick the first activity on our list, & of course he chose to see the animals first! We headed over to the large round barn where all the animals pens were set up, gazing inside, & reaching our fingertips through the bars to feel their rough coats. Each festival we attend, the petting zoo animals are the same, so we have grown accustom to these silly critters. As my children grow, so does the lovely animals we visit throughout the year.

After nearly a hour of tormenting the animals, we convinced Daycen that it was a good idea to go get something to eat. Since it was nearing lunch time & we all had a small grumble in our stomachs. They were serving a pulled pork, chicken, or buffalo dinner inside the townhouse, but we opted for the grilled out hot dogs!

It probably would have been cheaper to hold off & grill out our own. However, sometimes, the money is worth it for the experience! This was Daycen's very first grilled out festival food! & He ate nearly the whole thing!

After eating, we checked out a few of the show cars in the field, along with some of the motorcycles. Daycen was in complete awe of the glistening cars. I have a feeling if it wasn't so hot out, he would have been able to spend the rest of the day there, just admiring the cars over & over... & over again.

This year was also Aripsemae's very First Independence Day Festival & she LOVED it!


Anonymous said...

Aww looks like so much fun! I really need to start finding fun things like this to do in my area.

Oh Jazmyn

Sammi said...

Do you ever look at people's blogs and think I'd love to experience that part of their lives? That is exactly what I think of this day. I think I've seen pictures from each year you guys have been, and totally wanna do it one day!!