Thursday, July 7, 2011

THE BIG POOL { we're loving it }

I had over 80 of my favorite pictures taken this day at the Howard Johnson pool! With the holiday weekend passing us, I was able to get them edited, organized, & set in a story board for you guys to view! It's only a fraction of the pictures taken that afternoon, but at least you'll get a glimpse at the awesome time my family had.

Daycen has only been in a big pool once & even that time it was still slightly a kiddie pool! The second his toes touched the water, he was thrilled! All the memories came flashing back of all the wonderful times he's ever had with water & this one was going to top them all! This pool was over the top! Almost as big as Aripsemae's bows!

He loved it! Than again, with the scorching weather outside, wouldn't you as well?

That's what I figured would be the case with baby sister. Oh, was I wrong! The second she felt the water creeping up on her the whimpering began. The farther out you went, the louder & more frequent the pouting became. Yet, she did a great job for it being her absolutely first time in any water scene other than a small baby tub.

I think we'll be renting out a few hotel rooms in the next couple of months to treat ourselves to a little bit of secluded fun! That's the best thing about hotel pools, they normally aren't swarming with people like the public ones. I'd say, the money to avoid that is well worth it!


The Bonjour Four said...

awww great pics! esp love the last two!

Anonymous said...

Aww looks like so much fun! Yeah I'm not a real big fan of public pools and they're ALWAYS packed during summer. Those kids can be brutal sometimes lol.

Oh Jazmyn

Jen P. said...

love the pics!!! glad y'all had fun! :)

Sammi said...

Awww great pics. Daycen and Ripsi are growing up so much xx

Super Lily said...

Such great pictures! You guys looked like you had an amazing time...and that little bathing suit is so adorable. I love ruffles!