Monday, July 11, 2011

THE FIREWORKS. { Willow Springs Garden 2011 }

Every year at dusk, the Willow Springs Garden puts on a fabulous fireworks display. They normally have the fireworks shoot off to live music, sometimes it's in sync. This year, they shot them off randomly yet the display was just as beautiful!

I half expected that within two minutes of the fireworks we were going to need to exit the large field & call it an evening. The year prior, Daycen had a complete melt down the second the bangs & pows began. This year, he grinned cheekily at my brother, stated, "cool!" & continued to watch. As for Ripsi, she seemed to enjoy them as well. She just sat on the blanket, staring wide-eyed at the display before her.

Fireworks. Welcome back to our lives. We've missed you!

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Jen P. said...

I always love seeing other people's pics of fireworks! I love the 3rd one, so beautiful!