Tuesday, July 12, 2011


You've got it! I'm WAY behind in my blogging that this post is over a week late. That is what happens when you spend 85% of your free time planning the best third birthday of a lifetime! However, you'll see that accomplishment once the party has come & gone. In the mean time, you get backed up posts & lots of excitement! 5 days to the BIG party! Five days til I get my life back! Hooray!

Anyways, after I got done with work on the fourth, we headed down to the largest park in town for their small carnival & fireworks display. The kids are still pretty small & don't seem to find much excitement with all the rides, & most of the games. Yet, they love the commotion, lights, & of course... pick a duck.

This time around though, Daycen wasn't the only one who got to play!

With $9 down the drain for plastic toys & poorly put together softies we headed towards the grandstands to get a spot in the grass to watch the fireworks. We headed to the lower left side & made a small spot for our little family. Of course, right below a large tree so that when we looked upward we only got half of the sky, however, we could at least see the ground show?

Verse the previous years fireworks, this was actually worth coming to. I am in full agreement that the fireworks should be only one day during the duration of the fair not split into two different shows. I'm sure next year they'll change their mind & have two shows again, but at least we can cross our fingers!

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