Tuesday, June 7, 2011


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As warm as the weather has been during the middle of the afternoon, the evening cool down just enough that Baby Sister can go outside & enjoy what is left of the sunlight. I'm very cautious when she is allowed to be outside since she is primary on a formula diet vs one allowing sippy cups full of water to cool down. I'm afraid of filling her up on calorie-less water that she won't want to par-take in delicious bottles of milk that are pumped full of vitamins! That and gobs & gobs of sunscreen over & over again isn't too wonderful for her already dry skin.

She enjoys the evening when there is a slight breeze. She really does.

Daycen also is a big fan of being able to go outside in the later part of the day. He seems a little irked sometimes when I tell him it's too HOT for us to go out in the middle of the afternoon. It's a sad story, but until we get the blow up pool together & filled with cool water I don't think I'm even considering visiting the great outdoors in humid 94 degree weather.

No thank you. Sweat build up at the nap of my neck is not the most comfortable feeling. Especially when you are holding a sweaty six month old who keeps sighing because the sun is too bright & her sunglasses keep slipping off her wet nose.

I've come to realization this past week that there is a lot of quiet readers out there. A lot of eyes grazing this blog; taking in the simple things in our life, watching us bloom as a family, & step forward out of a dark cloud into a beautiful setting. I want to say, Thank you, thank you for hearing us out, for supporting us.

I love hearing people say they read our blog, they enjoy our blog. So, if you are one of those silent readers; continue reading, continue to be inspired, & if one day, you'd like to say "Hello" you sure are welcomed with open arms to do so. And by chance someday we happen to meet, please don't be embarrassed to let me know you read my blog. It's a wonderful thing knowing I'm making somebody's morning coffee a little bit sweeter. ♥

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.jessica jo. said...

I read, and love your blog :)

Ashley said...

Cutest baby shoes EVER, oh my goodness.

hazelhome said...

Me, too. Thanks, Brooke!