Monday, June 6, 2011


There was a small carnival set up in our Shopko's parking lot the other day, & despite the heat I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to get out of the house! Games, rides, & tasty little treats! I was giddy by the idea, & once I informed Daycen; he seemed to have a large grin plastered across his face as well. It only took a few minutes (more like a half hour, blah) to convince Andy that he NEEDED to come with us. He made some complaint about not eating & it being a hundred degrees out there but once he realized that Papillon's Pizza was within range he was all on board for our adventure.

(Just so you don't get worried, Baby Sister was at grandma's house & not left in the smoldering car or blistering sun.)

Daycen had a whole $5 to spend on whatever he'd like at the carnival, (thanks grandpa!) So, his first choice in activity was the pick-a-duck. He grazed his fingers in the cool water, splashing around for bit before he wildly began snatching up the colorful ducks. One after another until the limit of ducks had been achieved. He picked his prize & we moved on. We circled the park, I kept asking Andy if he thought Daycen was tall enough for any of the rides, his reply was simple each time, "I'm not going on any of them with him." I'm not a ride person myself, & in this terrible heat, I felt the vomit already rising in my throat. Indeed, we would be skipping on the rides.

So, we headed back to the pick-a-duck to blow the rest of Daycen's money. He gladly handed it to the lady & began carefully, (and ultra slowly) picking each duck of his choice. He won "anything in the booth but the large stuffed animals." Eff, that. Nobody EVER wins the large ones.

As we turned to leave, Daycen realized that those itty bitty cups under that large blue tent had fish in it & he was instantly excited. He rushed over, squealing, "FISH!" His eyes dancing as he watched others toss small ping pong balls towards the little glass bowls. They bounced all over - clink, clank, crash.


No, there was no way you could win a fish for under $20, especially with an arm like mine. So, we did the next best thing...

Pet Smart. Thirteen cents a fish.

Happiness was sure in store for us. He squealed, giggled, pointed & chose three tiny little goldfish. One of each color; gold, black, & white. The associate was very pleasant to work with us, & didn't show one sign of annoyance as Daycen got his first pets.

Three itsy bitsy little goldfish.

If I would have realized that these tiny creatures would have keep Daycen quiet for as long as they did, I promise you, we would have gotten some sooner. It's just a bummer that the poor little guys life expectancy went down so drastically the second they were chosen by Daycen since they've now been shooken, poked, & frightened. Let's just hope they were some strong fishes!

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