Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Our days have been pretty much the same, day in & day out. We crowd around the backdoor awaiting the perfect weather so that we can rush out & enjoy ever second that we can. The breeze is always a welcomed part of our festivities, but even with, the time outside sometimes becomes awfully short. We are looking forward to the next couple of days where the weather is dropping from the eighties to the sixties.

As I'm sure you have noticed, bubbles have been a ritual around our home. There isn't many days that we don't go outside & spend sometime with the bubble makers. I'll be honest with you, when I first bought the little firetruck, I thought to myself, what an inexpensive activity. However, as the days go by, as I fill the truck over & over again. I've come to realization, bubbles are actually pretty expensive if you go through a liter in a week.

Daycen can't help but absolutely love every minute those little water poufs are floating through the air.

Infact, as he looks up at them flying away he notices somebody on top of the stairs....

Why hello there!

The big brother thing to do would to not be so selfish, to climb those five steps and share his wonderful bubble blower with his baby sister. Right? Well, for once he decided to do the one thing he isn't very good at & share.

I'll tell you, I was proud of him! Ripsi on the other hand, wasn't impressed at all.

Bubbles rapidly popping in her face is not her idea of fun.

I'm sure as summer approaches in full force, the bond between the two of them will slowly grow. If he is already going out of his way to share his bubbles with her, than perhaps they can share the kiddie pool together? I really don't anticipate on buying another one so they can sit side by side in a pool of their own. Yet, my stomach turns at the idea of him splashing her consistently til she cries & begs to be removed from the cool water. I just wonder if their age difference is too great to share the pool together to begin with? He's going to be three, & she is a almost sitting up six month old. Anyone ever been in this position? Can they actually share safely? Or should we just buy a princess pool?

Oh! And on a total unrelated note, Daycen is smiling for the camera again!

Well... sort of?

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