Friday, June 3, 2011

MEMORIAL WEEKEND { we're playing a little catch up }

First things first, Ripsi would like to say she hoped everyone had a safe & fun memorial weekend!

I've become a little neglectful. I am fully aware of this.

The days have been going absolutely so fast around here. Ontop of working two part-time jobs, we've been building Smitten Heart up as well as getting Aripsemae's boutique modeling career up & going. These past few weeks we also have been preparing for Daycen's meeting with the school district to discuss options for next year & if he qualifies for their program. I'd like to congratulate him in getting accepted to a early learning program! ♥ He'll be going to school this fall. How exciting!

Now that everything outside this blog is handled & in place. We can play a little game called ... catch up! Stay tuned for a handful of posts that have been waiting anxiously to be shared.

Last Saturday was the local Memorial Day parade, despite how chilly it was, we decided to go. The time listed all over the web & in local newspapers stated that the parade started at 9:45. In real time, it started at 11. Yes, a HOUR and FIFTEEN minutes after we arrived curbside for the festivities. It was both kids first parade, Daycen was thrilled once it started, & by the time it had, Ripsi was so fed up with waiting she had fell asleep. Maybe next year, we can have perfect timing, yes? Make sure all media is up to date on all time changes, perhaps?

After the parade, Daycen was so wound up all that he could think about was playing. So, he demanded we go outside & play with the bubbles. Yes, after a few minutes of blowing bubbles at him to chase & try to eat. I was surely done with the whole thing. I didn't want a sick two-year-old because he ate too much bubble solution.

I diverted his attention to the slide. It started out a grand idea ... until he decided he wanted to try to go down headfirst. I prefer not visiting the emergency room on the holiday weekend so that activity was shorter lived than the first.

We realized Ripsi wasn't having much fun, so I asked him if he would be willing to push her in the swing. One push. Two push. He was done. This was not Daycen's idea of fun.

Ripsi on the other hand, loved this activity.

We decided the safest, funnest activity for Daycen was the sandbox. It started out fantastic, until he got bored of the small area he had to play in. He decided that the garden needed a little bit more... texture? The sand began to be poured over the tiny leaves of our radish plants. As it turns out, this was not such great idea.

Perhaps, going inside & watching Thomas the Train for the fourty-fifth time was a better idea. I can't say we didn't try though.

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