Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DEAR WEATHER { make up your mind }

Rainy days have gotten us into a bit of a funk lately. There isn't much to do other than lay around, watch some movies, & stare longingly outside. The thing that really stinks is it hasn't been completely rainy days - It starts out beautiful, than it storms like crazy. The next thing you know it is beautiful again, but now everything is wet. Even if you don't care, it isn't long lasted, within a few hours just as the ground is about to dry up it down pours again!

I know our weather is nothing compared to what some people are seeing around the country, & we have absolutely no reason to complain. I just wish that everyone could have some beautiful, safe days. I couldn't imagine being stuck in a basement/closet with my kids for hours while the tornado sirens are going off, or staying at a place with nothing of our own with the kids because our town is flooding. I hope all my readers who are going through something right now hang in there, It will hopefully be over soon & everyone can get their lives back on track. ♥

As for us, we'll keep checking to see in the rain stopped. Constantly.

Today, today looks pretty good though.

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Sammi said...

i hate when the weather sucks!! daycen is so sweet! i love how ripsi is growing up too!


ps hi from cozmik_faerie

Anonymous said...

Aww I hope the weather gets better for you soon!! I'm one of the lucky few here in So Cal with pretty good weather at the moment. Your kids are so cute by the way!! :)

Oh Jazmyn

Megan Darling said...

Aww, hopefully y'all have some gorgeously sunny days soon! I know how much Dallas has been itching to get outside and run around in the sun so I imagine that Daycen is feeling exactly the same! Oh gosh yes, I couldn't even imagine dealing with the horrific weather/storms some of the girls I know have been having to go through, it's just awful :(