Monday, May 9, 2011


Yesterday went so fast for us. One minute, we were just waking up the next it was seriously the middle of the afternoon. I can't even tell you how quickly the day went around our little house, but we sure did get a lot done! We visited Grandma's & Great Grandma's, we searched for sales at Target, went to the park, grabbed a bite to eat, rented some movies from Blockbuster & spent the night cuddling before jumping into our nightly rituals!

I got to spend the day with my two beautiful children! How lucky am I?

I also learned a valuable lesson. Do not take pictures laying down, they do not turn out very flattering! However, we all were together, so it was quite an accomplishment!

I hope everyone had a FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL, LOVING Mother's Day!

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1 comment:

Megan Darling said...

You know what I love though? That as a mother, even when it's not the most flattering picture of us always, when we manage to get both Mommy & kiddos in the picture and they're not screaming... It's a good picture! ;D

All 3 of you look wonderful in these and I love his cool shades in the 1st and her adorable headband!!