Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hey y'all! We got a new chair in our house! It's small, squishy, & a vibrant lilac purple! If you haven't figured it out already, it's the BUMBO! These particular seats have been out for years, a large number of people love them, yet a handful of people see them as stupid, dangerous, and not worth the money. In our household, it's an essential everyday piece!

When Daycen was little, he hated sitting in the bumbo for more than five minutes at a clip. The $40 spent seemed a little high when all he wanted to do was swing. Now Aripsemae is a completely different story. She hates sitting in our $160 swing more than ten minutes but could spend hours (not literally) in her bumbo!

The extra set of hands is amazing! We've been getting so much done around here. Laundry no longer reaches my hip, Daycen's toys are picked up multiple times during the day, & our kitchen table is covered with crafts that are actually being completed!

Big thanks to my cousin in-law, Heather for setting us up with this lovely bumbo! We are ever so grateful! Mainly because I have to free hands to chow down on nachos during the Minnesota Wild games!

You sure can tell she's mine since she'll sit through three hours of hockey!

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