Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Do you smell that?

The sweet aroma of fresh eggs & bacon roaring into the living room from the kitchen. The smell enough to make your stomach start rumbling. Yet, you say to yourself - "eggs & bacon is getting awfully boring - but I sure can't put it away for a bowl of cereal!" If you're thinking this way, than try this little spin on breakfast.

Cook up your eggs, preferably scrambled. If you are like my family & love black olives you'll want to have them sliced before you put your eggs on. While the eggs are cooking, sprinkle your olives over the top of them. As you scramble the eggs, the olives will get mixed in & warmed perfectly.

Take a tortilla taco shell or a wrap (whichever you have lying around the house, or your choice when you pick it up at the store.) We had some left over from Taco night, so we decided to use baby tortilla shells so they wouldn't go to waste!

Fill your tortilla shell like so with your scrambled eggs. Make sure to not overfill them or they won't be able to wrap up!

Next add your additional fixings. We used shredded Parmesan cheese & bacon broken up into small pieces. You can add in whatever you'd like - green peppers, mushrooms, onions, hot sauce etc.

Lastly, you wrap them up extra tight & serve immediately.

If you have a small child, like Daycen, he won't keep those wraps rolled! He immediately unrolled his - ate the bacon first, picked out and ate the olives, than pushed the eggs out of the wrap & began nibbling on the shell. So, within minutes my beautiful creation was destroyed...

I at least enjoyed them all rolled up! (Please excuse the no make-up & my half dressed appearance! Breakfast normally falls directly between my getting ready process. I also don't crawl out of my tracksuit bottoms until right before leaving the house. Juicy Couture is a comfort I hate leaving behind - I'd wear them all day if it was socially acceptable!)

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Megan Darling said...

Oh wow, that looks so delicious! Haha, Dallas is the same way. He picks apart everything.