Thursday, March 31, 2011

ROUND TWO. { Ripsi gets more shots }

Yesterday was Baby Sister's four month check-up (with a new doctor, yet again. SIGH. We sure are getting real sick of the pass the baby.) She weighted in at a whooping 14 pounds 1 ounce, 24 inches long & a head circumference of 16.44 inches! She is in the 50th percentile across the board! I'd have to say, it's quite exciting when your child grows on track & the clothing you bought ahead of time for seasons is working perfectly for them! I'm beyond thrilled! Now if only my 2 1/2 year old would grow into his size two's.

Our new doctor is a lot better than the last one, but not as good as our old primary doctor. Oh, goodness. At least I didn't want to report this one to their supervisor as I had the one at her two month appointment. The doctor was better, but I think this appointment was rougher on Ripsi...

She's hungry. You know, Ripsi, she always is.

As she is enjoying her freshly shooken bottle of formula the nurse walks in with a tray. She sits down next to Ripsi & as I remove the bottle she feeds her the liquid medicine. Not so bad? Yet, she still hollers for her bottle. As the nurse prepares the needles, Ripsi contently sucks on her bottle.

She gets escorted to the table. JAB JAB JAB. Deep inhale. JAB JAB JAB. squeaks as she tries to catch her breath, a moment of silence, & her eyes swell up with tears. WAHHHHHHHHH! WAHHHHHHHHH!

I attempt to give her the bottle back, but she can't concentrate on it. WAHHHHHHHH! WAHHHHHHHHHHH!

I get her dressed & go to make the return appointment. WAHHHHHHHH!

We stroll down the halls towards the exit. WAHHHHHHH! WAHHHHHHHH! Yes, people are staring at us.

We get into the car & begin to drive home. WAH..... WAH....

She's asleep & still has over half a bottle. I think it's best to miss this one feeding & make it up at the next don't you think?

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Deanna said...

if it makes you feel better, gage will be 4 in july and is still wearing 2T.

leane said...

D is going to be tall and lanky, like his daddy. :)

pakosta said...

she is precious!
these are beautiful photos!
she is a very healthy baby!
good job mama!